Mozquit Mosquito Control Block

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Mozquit Mosquito Control (MMC) Blocks are small yellow briquettes that contain MMC (Mosquito Film).

Just remove a piece, drop it into standing water, and it will slowly release the Mozquit MMC as it breaks down. Effective for approximately 1 month!
(1 Block Covers up to 50 m2 of water surface for 30 days)

As MMC Blocks are safe to use, the general public can get involved in mosquito control around their home or garden. They are totally safe for people and animals, but deadly to mosquitoes!

They can be used on any water containers – including permanent puddles, old tyres, small ponds, pot plant trays, air conditioner trays, and even sewer pits.

How Does Mozquit MMC (Mosquito Film) Work?

Mozquit MMC (Mosquito Film) is a new and unique mosquito control method.

It spreads across the surface of standing water – even large water bodies – and forms a very thin film.
As this film has a very low surface tension, it prevents pupae and larvae from attaching themselves to the surface while attempting to breathe, causing them to drown
It will also cause adult mosquitoes to be stuck on the surface, causing them to drown

The product has a purely physical action and does not contain any toxic chemicals.

Its strong spreading action ensures that it will move around vegetation and other obstacles on the surface, and it is resistant to wind, wave action or rain falling on the surface.


How Does Mozquit MMC (Mosquito Film) Compare To Other Mosquito Control Products?

Unlike bed nets and chemical spraying, which are aimed at adult mosquitoes, Mozquit MMC (Mosquito Film) is aimed at all 4 stages of the mosquito life cycle, from the breeding to the adult stages.

MMC (Mosquito Film) also has advantages over chemical and biological larvicides:

-Special application equipment is not needed
-It can spread into areas of water that other larvicides can’t access
-It can be applied by the general public
-It has an impact on all stages of the breeding cycle – not just on one stage
-Unlike chemical larvicides, it is non-toxic.

In addition, as MMC (Mosquito Film) has a physical action rather than a chemical action, mosquitoes cannot develop a resistance to it.
This is a very important advantage, as there is emerging evidence that certain mosquito control measures are becoming ineffective.

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